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In Plastic Pipes Welding, we only work with the highest quality. We know our products are not the cheapest in the market but our machines and accessories will save you a lot of money. Our machines are the strongest, and their liability is incomparable. If you work in the middle east, you face the worst climate and the most challenging conditions in the world. Multiply your productivity, work with Plastic Pipes Welding and make your work easy and stress free.

Equipment Rentals

PPW optimizes the fleet of HDPE butt fusion, electrofusion, and socket fusion equipment to provide every construction project with the fusion equipment needed to complete an HDPE project. PPW is also a licensed distributor of McElroy fusion equipment that can also be sold to construction companies as new or used equipment. Contact PPW for a complete catalogue or fusion equipment rental rates.

Fusion Services

PPW employees are certified fusion technicians that are able to mobilize to any project job site to assist with any HDPE fusion installation. Our fusion technicians are manufacturer-certified in small, medium, and large-diameter butt fusion for McElroy fusion equipment. PPW fusion technicians can also assist with electrofusion installation, sidewall fusion, socket fusion, and custom fabrication.