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Company history.

We are a company specializing in machinery, accessories and services for Welding and installing plastic pipes. HDPE pipes and PPR pipes are our main markets. We sell and rent the best machines on the market: only American and European products.

Plastic Pipes Welding was created in 2018 by Mcelroy to serve the Middle East market. We are based in Dubai. Our customers are settled in all the GCC countries, being our main markets are UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, KSA, especially Dammam, Al Khobar, Riyadh, and Jedda. In addition, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait are essential for us, having big customers.

Special machines for MEP and HVAC.

If you need to install an Air Condition pipe network and face problems with the delivery timing, we have the fastest machines in the market. With our Socket machines and tooling, we can fuse pipes five times faster than nobody else, reducing human resources and saving time and money. In addition, if you need to do buttfusion vertical welding for your risers, our technicians will do it for you. .

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What We Do

Why Choose Us

All of our machines are leaders in their field. For this reason, we respect and follow all the international norms and standards. ISO 21307, DVS 2207, ASTM F2620. We work with the market's most advanced datalogger to register every joint and certify that we follow the correct timing, pressure and temperature in every joint.

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Only American and European machines.

More than 15 years working in the plastic pipe market.

Our partners constantly train our staff to be ready for any requirement.

Tell us what you need, we will show you the best way to do it.

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We sell and rent the best machines for joining plastic pipes. We can work with any kind of polyolefin pipes: PEX, ABS, PVDF, PVC… but our most usual pipes are HDPE pipes and PPR pipes.

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We Believe In Building Long Lasting Our Business Relationships.

Call us before starting your pipe installation and you will see how to reduce your costs. we have a solution for you if you work in the oilfield market, MEP, water distribution, landscaping, firefighting, HVAC, or any other pipe application.